Impact Day

UVic students Alison and Devin give a tour of campus showing some of the surprising ways donor support has made an impact on this university.

Welcome to Impact Daya new UVic tradition

Cheering on the Vikes at a basketball game, sitting down by the fountain with the Martlet and a coffee, finding your go-to study spot in the library, recharging your batteries at the beach in Cadboro Bay. There are many UVic traditions...

On April 7, 2021, we’re excited to start a new tradition—Impact Day.

On this day we celebrate the acts of kindness, generosity, and engagement that make UVic more accessible and enriching. This year, please enjoy this virtual tour of campus from two students showcasing the many (and often surprising) ways philanthropy positively impacts their UVic experience—from the efforts of early visionaries, right through to your contributions today.

This is your UVic.

Thank you to all the alumni and community members, past, present and future, who have made an impact on this university. 

Continue your virtual tour of donor impact

Take part in the celebration by playing Impact BINGO 

This fun BINGO game will help you see all the ways alumni and donor support make UVic a better place. And when you play, you can enter to win one of 10 UVic prize packs!


Donate to make an impact 

Continue the tradition! When you make a gift today you make a difference in the lives of UVic students and programs right now, and contribute to a shared vision for the future of this university.

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