Richard Belton

Angela Colibaba, student recruitment admissions liaison
Recruiting focus

High school students from:

  • Vancouver
  • Lower Mainland BC
Contact information
  • Mount Forest, Ontario
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Algoma University
Random factoid
  • I hold a special place in my heart for a well-placed pun.

About me

In Grade 12, I wasn't sure whether I even wanted to go to university. My decision to get out of my comfort zone and pursue a degree in business administration changed my life in the most exciting ways. I love working with students who are in the midst of their post-secondary decision making process. This is such a pivotal point in one's life and it's pretty cool to think that I can play at least a part in helping someone to make the decision that is right for them.

My advice to future university students

Don't freak out! Take a step back and think about you really want out of this post-secondary experience and where you hope that it leads you.

You don't have to have a crystal clear picture in your mind about where you want to end up career wise right now. What's important is that the path you choose offers you the opportunity to explore your boundaries; to grow and develop as a professional and as a person in the place that feels right for you.

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