Self-report your grades

If you're a current grade 12 student at a Canadian high school (including offshore and IB schools), you are required to self-report your interim/final grade 11 and 12 marks or predicted IB grades through the UVic application.

Learn about self-reporting

When can I self-report?

  • Self-reporting opens on February 15 and closes on March 31. You will only be able to access the self-reporting section in your application after you receive the introductory email from your admission assistant.
  • You can only self-report your grades once, so be sure to wait until you know your midterm grades or feel you are best able to provide a good estimate of the final grades you will achieve. All self-reported grades are subject to verification.

What if I'm completing a distance/online course?

  • You must have already completed 50% or more of the course assignments/tests to self-report a distance/online course.
  • The course must be finished no later than May 31 and the final grade submitted by your distance-learning provider to the Ministry of Education by the end of June for inclusion on your official transcript.

How do I get a conditional offer of admission?

  • If you meet all of our admission requirements and have a satisfactory admission average, you will be eligible to receive an early conditional offer of admission.
  • If you don't receive an early conditional offer based on your self-reported grades, we will re-evaluate your application after receiving updated official grades.
    • If you are in BC or Ontario, we will re-evaluate after receiving your electronic grades
    • For all other Canadian provinces and territories, we will re-evaluate if you send us your midterm transcripts with updated grades by May 1.

Self-report your grades

  • Log into your profile in the the UVic application portal using your NetLink ID or Applicant ID.
  • After logging in, you will be able to check the status of your application and self-report your grades.

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