Lara Aysal

Lara Aysal
Program: PhD Applied Theatre

BA Bilkent University, MA Bahcesehir University

Lara's area of research focuses on political movements and their effects on social change through Applied Theatre. She is specifically interested in the function of Applied Theatre as a language to address, organize and take action within climate struggle context though decolonization methodologies. 

She was told to be an activist, performance artist, facilitator, and coordinator of social change motivated projects. She has been walking the planet working within the context of theatre for development and social change. She has advocated for child sexual abuse and youth detention centers through drama and theatre. She has been a part of projects in South Africa, South America, Turkey, Italy, Germany and, Canada. She is one of the founders of AA+A Contemporary Performance Research Project and Ray Performance Collective. She has also taught the first and second year acting classes at Beykent University (Istanbul) and published individual and collaborative ideas on COP20, civil disobedience, theatre in conflict zones and possibilities of hope.