Core courses

TS 200: (1.5 units, 3-0 hours)
Introduction to the Human Uses of Technology

What is technology? This course is an introduction to different approaches to understanding media, communication and technology with an emphasis on the critical appreciation of social, cultural and political impacts of technology on contemporary society.

This course is intended to provide a general framework for understanding various forms of media (information technology, new media, biotechnology, immersive education, nanotechnology, GPS navigation systems, music, cinema, virtual reality, mobile, military and consumer technology, etc.) as well as a critical background for personal reflection on the changing technological faces of life in the 21st century.

Emphasis will be placed both on understanding real world events for what they teach us about the human uses of technology, and critical interpretations of emergent technological uses of humans.

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TS 300: (1.5 units, 3-0 hours)
Networking, New Media and Social Practices

A production-based course which explores both the hands-on application of social networking and personal technological devices and their critical theoretical and social assessment.

The course engages pervasive virtual and mobile technologies (iPods, Facebook, blogging, cellphones, etc.) for their potential contributions to personal, social and cultural understanding.

This course requires both written and practical engagement with social networking and communications technologies for theoretical reflection on media practices.

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TS 400: (1.5 units, 3-0 hours)
Technologies of the Future

The seminar represents a capstone for the Minor in Technology & Society.

The course involves presentations and seminar discussion of current research in technology and society. Drawing on faculty expertise from the University of Victoria as well as networked knowledge from around the world, this course will expose students to cutting edge research in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering and Fine Arts by established scholars sharing current thoughts on technological change, innovation and visualization trends, aesthetics and cultural intervention as well as political and social uses of technology.

Students are expected to attend scholarly presentations as well as in-class seminar discussions.

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