Affiliated, adjunct and emeritus

Affiliated and adjunct faculty members
Martha Black

BA (Toronto), MA (York), PhD (UVic)
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Native Northwest Arts
Joy Davis

BA (UVic), MA (Toronto)
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Cultural Resource Management
Erica Dodd

BA (Wellesley), PhD (Courtauld Inst, London)
Adjunct Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture

Alastair Kerr
BA, MA (UVic)
Adjunct Associate Professor, Cultural Resource Management

Kathlyn Liscomb

MA, PhD (U. of Chicago)
Professor Emerita of Chinese Art, Art Theory, and Historiography
Martin Segger

BA, Dip. Ed. (UVic.), MPhil (Warburg, London)
Adjunct Professor of Canadian art and architecture
Christopher Thomas
BA (York), MA (Toronto), PhD (Yale)
Associate Professor Emeritus of Canadian art and architecture, modern architecture
Anthony Welch
BA (Swarthmore), MA, PhD (Harvard)
Professor Emeritus in Islamic art and architecture; Iranian painting; architecture of Muslim India