Student Housing & Dining: Periodic Obstructions at Gate 3 (Wilson Hall/South Tower)

SHD Construction Site, Gate 3 (Wilson Hall / South Tower)

For the remainder of March and April 2021, there will be periodic obstructions to the roadway at Gate 3 on the SHD construction site.

Obstructions will continue until Building Two of the SHD project has been fully excavated and backfilled. Whenever the roadway is blocked, delineators will be used to cordon off the area and two Traffic Control Personnel (TCP) will be in place to assist in minimizing vehicle traffic delays and to provide immediate access for emergency vehicles. Pedestrians using the area are requested to follow instructions from the TCP.

An additional notice will be issued for days when lengthier obstructions are expected, such as concrete pours.

View / Download Facilities Notice - SHD Obstructed Roadway at Gate 3

Primary Contact/ Organizer name: David Hill, Senior Project Manager
Primary Contact/ Organizer email:

Secondary Contact/ Organizer name: Gerry Underhill, Project Manager
Secondary Contact/ Organizer email: