Student Housing and Dining – Lansdowne / Craigdarroch Power Shutdowns

Lansdowne and Craigdarroch Residences and CRA Office Building

As part of the Student Housing and Dining project new transformers, generators and electrical sub-stations are being provided for Lansdowne Residences, Craigdarroch Residences and Craigdarroch Office Building.

FMGT and contractors have begun preparatory work, which will culminate in electrical shutdowns for each building on Friday August 28, 2020. A diesel generator will be in place to maintain power and operations to RESS front office in CRA.

Buildings impacted are:

  • Lansdowne Residences: RCA, RHE, RHO, RL1, RRA, RSA
  • Craigdarroch Residences: RAC, RDT
  • Craigdarroch Office Building: CRA

Friday, August 28, 2020 (7:00 am – 5:00 pm)

View / Download Facilities Notice - SHD: Lansdowne/CRA Pwr Shutdwn

Primary Contact/ Organizer name: David Hill, Senior Project Manager
Primary Contact/ Organizer email:

Secondary Contact/ Organizer name: Tim Burchill, Project Manager
Secondary Contact/ Organizer email: