Student Housing and Dining (SHD): Expanded EDK Lay Down Areas

Parking Lot 5 / Building 2: South Construction Site Boundary

Commencing at 7:00am on Tuesday March 15, Facilities Management and EDK will be fencing off two areas adjacent the SHD construction site for additional lay-down space.

  1. An additional 30 car parking spaces in the middle section of Lot Five. 
  1. The remainder of the grassed area immediately south of Building Two, which currently houses site trailers.

The attached sketch confirms the two locations.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

View/ Download Facilities Notice: SHD Expanded EDK Lay Down Areas

Primary Contact/ Organizer Name: David Hill, Principal, Senior Project Manager
Primary Contact/ Organizer Email:

Secondary Contact/ Organizer Name: Colin Merriam, Project Manager
Secondary Contact/ Organizer Email: