Laboratory Seismic Mitigation – Re-Scheduled R2

Bob Wright Centre B214            Elliott Building 012a

Cunningham Building 034a        Medical Sciences Building 250g

Cunningham Building 048          Petch Building 024

Cunningham Building 062c

Facilities Management is working with Aral Construction on the installation of seismic bracing of Bio-Safety Cabinets & Laminar Flow Hoods in the above laboratories.

They will be drilling anchors into the floors and installing seismic brackets at each location.

All work to be done between 5:00PM and Midnight on the following dates:

Friday, January 17th - BWC B214, MSB 250g
Monday, January 20th - ELL 012a, CUN 034a, CUN 048
Tuesday, January 21st - CUN 062c, PCH 024

View/ Download Facilities Notice - Lab Seismic Mitigation-Re-Scheduled R2

Contact/ Organizer name: Terry Moen, Project Manager

Contact/ Organizer email: