Engineering Computer Science (ECS) - Tray Infill Project (GENERAL PROJECT NOTICE)

ECS atrium trays and adjacent affected rooms (see attached plan)

Level 2: 249, 253

Level 3: 319, 321, 325, 323, 349, 349a, 354, and atrium tray space

Level 5: 527, 528, 531, 548, and atrium tray space

Facilities Management, Cascadia Architects (as Prime Consultant) and Aral Construction (as Prime Contractor) will develop “trays” at Levels 3 and 5 of the ECS Atrium into Research Lab Space and Study Space. Adjacent spaces will be affected due to new services work.

Scaffolding and hoarding will be erected for part of this work; however, all emergency exit routes will be maintained.

This is a General Project Notice only. Further notices will be provided regarding scheduled work within specific rooms.

January 11, 2021 through March 31, 2021

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Contact/ Organizer name: Scott Kingham, Project Manager

Contact/ Organizer email: