Engineering Computer Science (ECS) - Tray Infill Project - Hoarding construction and Scaffolding delivery and assembly

ECS atrium trays and adjacent affected rooms (see attached plans)

Aral Construction (Prime Contractor) will erect Hoarding and Scaffolding within the ECS Atrium as part of the Tray Infill Project.

Scaffolding will be temporarily stored on level 1 of ECS. Delivery will be coordinated with course schedules to minimize noise disruption. Scaffolding will be assembled after 4 pm on weekdays. All emergency exit routes will be maintained.

January 14, 2021: Delivery of scaffolding

January 15 to 27, 2021 (after 4 pm): Scaffolding assembly and Hoarding construction

View/ Download Facilities Notice - ECS Tray Infill Proj - Hoarding_Scaffolding

Contact/ Organizer name: Scott Kingham, Project Manager

Contact/ Organizer email: