Bob Wright Centre - B-Wing Flooding

Bob Wright Centre - B-Wing

Facilities Management is providing this notification to explain the cause of the flood in the B-wing of Bob Wright Centre and discuss next steps:

The flood began in the evening of Tuesday December 20th due to a pipe that cracked open, which was located on the rooftop of B-Wing in one of the air handling units. When the pipe cracked, pressurized water was released and drained on to the 4th floor and subsequently all other floors. It is likely that the crack in the pipe occurred due to water freezing inside the pipe. Typically these outdoor piping systems use a heater called a heat trace to ensure that water does not freeze during cold weather, however the heating trace was found non-operational. We are still looking into this matter. Please note the flood water was tap-water, (i.e. not chemically treated water).

Full assessment of damage and repair of systems is still underway. There are maintenance, custodial, and remediation crews that have been working day and night to clean up B-wing, and prevent further risk of pipe and mechanical failure. If you find any issues associated with mechanical systems, lighting systems, fire alarm systems, or other facilities-related issues, please enter your service requests through the typical process web-based service request process (, or deliver an email to

Thank you for your patience as we strive to return to normal operations.

December 20 through December 23, 2022

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Contact/ Organizer Name - David Adams, Manager, Energy Manager

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