22-05494 Water Metering + Infrastructure Renewal

Campus Services Building
Phoenix Building
Visual Arts Building

Facilities Management, working with Apex Steel & Gas and SRD Controls, will be installing new water meters in various buildings on campus. 

As part of this installation, SRD Controls will be installing wiring to these new water meters in various buildings in the areas and on the dates shown below. 

Any noisy work will be completed before 8:30am.

Please use caution in the area and obey site safety signage and barricades.

November 22 & 23, 2022 - Phoenix Building Mechanical Room 005a & b

November 22 & 23, 2022 – Visual Arts Building Mechanical Room B105

November 22 & 25, 2022 – Campus Services Building lower level at various points between Mechanical Room 017 and Mechanical Room 046

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Contact/ Organizer Name - Terry Moen, Project Manager

Contact/ Organizer Email Address - tmoen@uvic.ca