Employment Equity Plan (EEP) 2015-2020

UVic's Employment Equity Plan grew out of two years of extensive campus-wide consultations.  (Note: The UVic Employment Equity Plan has been extended to September 2022.)

The plan includes:

  • an inclusive understanding of equity
  • clarity on the links between equity and excellence
  • numerical goals for hiring members of underrepresented groups
  • concrete activities for individuals and units throughout the institution to build a more equitable and inclusive campus

As UVic’s Employment Equity Plan has evolved, we have updated numerical hiring goals and developed a more streamlined framework of activities to support the work. Shared Practices, with its nine core activities, replaces the Responsibilities and Accountabilities Chart from the first few years of the Plan. These activities build on the work from the first few years of the Plan and lay the groundwork for the university’s work beyond the end of the Plan.

Contact us with your suggestions and questions. We look forward to continuing dialogue with the university community.