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Action labs

One of the tools we hope to use to encourage the development of bold actions across UVic to advance the Equity Action Plan goals is action labs. 

What is an action lab?

At their core, action labs seek to find new solutions to end barriers by: 

  • bringing together diverse perspectives on an issue (both decision makers and stakeholders),
  • gaining insight from people with lived experience of a challenge or barrier,
  • creating a space for ideation (i.e. facilitated brainstorming),
  • building prototypes of solutions (e.g. mock up interventions, policy ideas, ventures, program pilots); and
  • testing solutions to see how they work on the ground.

In 2022, Equity and Human Rights is running pilots of this process. In 2023, we hope to begin using this tool throughout the University.

Learn more

Read about the Spring 2022 action lab pilot.