Research interests


Michael Adams, PhD (British Columbia)

Digital signal processing; image/video/audio processing and coding; digital geometry processing; wavelets, subdivision, and filter banks; algorithms; multimedia systems; data compression; computer graphics.

Panajotis Agathoklis, Dr ScTech (Swiss Fed Inst of Tech)

Digital signal processing, multidimensional systems, control systems.

Andreas Antoniou, PhD (London)

Analog and digital filter design, digital signal processing, electronic circuits, optimization methods.

Amirali Baniasadi, PhD (Northwestern)

Low-power design, power-aware architectures, VLSI, interconnect, high-performance processors.

Ashoka K. S. Bhat, PhD (Toronto)

Power electronic controls, high-frequency link power conversion-resonant and pulse with modulation, power converters for alternative energy sources, design of electronic circuits for power control.

Jens Bornemann, Dr-Ing (Bremen)

RF/wireless/microwave/millimeter-wave components for antennas feed systems, ultra-wideband and multi-band RF systems in modern integrated circuits, EM-based computer-aided antenna and component design.

Alexandra Branzan Albu, PhD (Bucharest)

Computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing, human computer interaction.

Lin Cai, PhD (Waterloo)

Wireless networks and mobile computing, resource and mobility management, flow and congestion control, medium access control, multimedia services, cross-layer design.

David W. Capson, PhD (McMaster)

Computational vision, algorithms and architectures for accelerated and embedded image analysis, vision-based applications in robotics, metrology, inspection, and servo systems.

Thomas E. Darcie, PhD (Toronto)

Optical systems, optical communications, fiber-optic systems and technology, broadband networks, microwave/terahertz photonics, optical imaging and image processing systems, broadband applications.

Nikitas J. Dimopoulos, PhD (Maryland)

Computer architecture, power aware computing, neural networks.

Xiaodai Dong, PhD (Queen's)

Wireless communications systems, ultra-wideband communications, multicarrier and multiple antenna communication systems, radio propagation, cooperative communications, cognitive radio.

Peter F. Driessen, PhD (British Columbia)

Audio and video signal processing, computer music, sound recording, wireless communications, radio propagation.

Fayez Gebali, PhD (British Columbia)

Parallel algorithms, computer communications, computer architecture, computer arithmetic, multicore systems.

Reuven Gordon, PhD (Cambridge)

Nanophotonics, plasmonics, biophotonics, biosensors, optical trapping, lab-on-chip devices, nanotechnology and nanofabrication.

T. Aaron Gulliver, PhD (Victoria)

Wireless communications, ultra-wideband systems, wireless networks, cross-layer design, optical wireless, cognitive radio, OFDM and MIMO systems, secure communications, algebraic coding theory, information theory, cryptography and computer security, software radio, communications algorithms.

Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer, Dr-Ing (Grenoble)

Microwave, millimeter wave, optical theory and applications, computational electromagnetics and numerical field modelling, high speed circuit analysis and synthesis, metamaterials, superresolution imaging.

R. Lynn Kirlin, PhD (Utah State)

Statistical signal processing: sonar, HF radar, seismic, sensor array processing; adaptive filters, parameter estimation, noise suppression; pattern recognition, clustering and classification; wavelet and time-frequency analysis, data compression, blind separation of signals and blind deconvolution, spectral design of randomized switching in dc/dc and dc/ac converters, radar.

Harry H.L. Kwok, PhD (Stanford)

Advanced materials, electronic devices and IC design, mixed-mode circuits.

Kin Fun Li, PhD (Concordia)

Web mining and computer architecture.

Warren D. Little, PhD (British Columbia)

Microcomputer architecture and applications; image processing; computer vision and automatic product identification; logic design.

Tao Lu, PhD (Waterloo)

Photonic devices, bio-photonics, nano-photonics, optical device fabrication and modelling.

Wu-Sheng Lu, PhD (Minnesota)

Design and analysis of digital filters, wavelets and filter banks, DSP for telecommunications, numerical optimization and applications.

Eric G. Manning, PhD (Illinois)

Computer networks, distributed computing, multimedia.

Michael McGuire, PhD (Toronto)

Model-based and adaptive filtering, digital signal processing and wireless network control.

Stephen W. Neville, PhD (Victoria)

Computer and network security, artificial intelligence, statistical signal processing, pattern recognition, fault detection and diagnosis, distributed systems, decision support systems.

Chris Papadopoulos, PhD (Brown)

Nanomaterials, nanofabrication and self-assembly, nanoelectronics.

Daler N. Rakhmatov, PhD (Arizona)

Energy-efficient computing, dynamically reconfigurable systems, electronic design automation.

Mihai Sima, PhD (Bucharest), PhD (Delft)

Computer architecture, reconfigurable computing, circuit design, embedded systems, digital signal processing, speech recognition.

Poman P. M. So, PhD (Victoria)

Object-oriented computational electromagnetics, biomedical electromagnetics and instrumentation, computer-aided microwave circuit analysis and synthesis.

Maria A. Stuchly, PhD (Warsaw)

Applied electromagnetics, numerical modelling of interactions of electromagnetic fields with biological systems.

Thomas Tiedje, PhD (British Columbia)

Epitaxial semiconductor and oxide film growth by molecular beam epitaxy; modeling of thin film growth by computational and analytic methods; electronic, optical and structural properties of expitaxial films; optical device fabrication.

Issa Traoré, PhD (Institut National Polytechnique, Toulouse)

Secure information systems, distributed systems, formal methods, requirements specification, object-oriented design and programming.

Hong-Chuan Yang, PhD (Minnesota)

Wireless communications and networks, diversity techniques, performance analysis, cross-layer design, and energy efficient communications.

Adam Zielinski, PhD (Wroclaw)

Underwater acoustic systems; acoustic communications, telemetry and navigation; application of acoustics, ocean electronic instrumentation, signal acquisition and processing, electronic circuits and sensors.

Adjunct faculty


Leonard Bruton, PhD (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Theory and implementation of real-time analog and digital filters; multidimensional filtering in space-time; 2D, 3D and 4D array processing for the directional filtering of wireless, audio, video and image signals.

James S. Collins, PhD (Washington)

Underwater robotics and autonomous vehicles; underwater acoustical and optical sensors and communications.

M. Watheq El-Kharashi, PhD (Victoria)

Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC), Networks-on-Chip (NoC), networking processing units (NPU’s), multi-core systems, advanced microprocessor design, computer architecture and computer networks education.

Haytham El Miligi, PhD (Victoria)

Morteza Esmaeili, PhD (Carleton)

Information theory, public-key cryptography, algebraic coding theory, graphical representation of codes, LDPC codes, iterative decoding algorithms, linear programming decoding, combinatorics (graph theory, finite geometry, design theory), combinatorial and linear optimization.

Mazen Hasna, PhD (Minnesota)

Digital communication theory and its application to performance evaluation of wireless communication systems over fading channels, cooperative communications, ad hoc networks, cognitive radio, network coding.

Atef Ibrahim, PhD (Cairo)

Digital VLSI design, System on Chip design, Embedded hardware systems for cryptosystems, Computer arithmetics (addition, multiplication, division), Hardware Implementation for modular arithmetic, parallel algorithms, Reconfigurable computing, Parallel computing and Multicore design.

Frank Nianhua Jiang, PhD (Tohoku)


Darshika Perera, PhD (Victoria)

Hari C. Reddy, PhD (Osmania)

Dale J. Shpak, PhD (Victoria)

Voice and audio signal processing, digital filter design and implementation, digital signal processing for wireless and wireline systems, embedded and distributed systems.

Issac Woungang, PhD (Toulon & Var)

Network security, computer communication networks, mobile communication systems, secure information systems.

Hao Zhang, PhD (Victoria)

Wireless communications, ultra-wideband systems, wireless sensor network, cognitive radio, OFDM and MIMO systems, secure communications, internet of things, underwater communications, GPS, compass, satellite communications, 60GHz, underwater vehicle.

Cross-listed faculty

George Tzanetakis, PhD (Princeton)

Audio signal processing, computer music, machine learning, human computer interaction.