Congratulations to the winners of the ECE 399 design competition

399 Design Winners 

Dr. Alexandra Branzan-Albu ran the ECE 399 course this year with participation from Ocean Networks Canada. The top designs competed to see who had the best set of designs.  Congratulations to the winners of the design competition.

1st Prize:

Project: Intelliplug

Team Members:  Riley Confrey, Alex Cote, Thomas Mastromonaco, Noah Rondeau, Sam Wheating

2nd Prize:

Project: Light Intensity over Time

Team Members: Zenara Daley, Gurjyot Grewal, Alex Fattouche, Cailan St Martin

3rd Prize:

Project: Detection of Bio-Fouling

Team Members: Chenchen Guo, Yukun Huang, Hamzah Mansour, Jake Runzer, Willy Su Yep