Professor Reuven Gordon Receives 2017 Faculty of Engineering Teaching Award

Professor Reuven Gordon 

Congratulations to Reuven Gordon for receiving one of the Faculty of Engineering's Teaching Awards. Dr. Reuven Gordon has been an exceptional scholar and educator in our faculty since 2002. He is known for his dedication, leadership and effectiveness as a teacher.

Dr. Gordon has worked hard to engage his undergraduate students. An example of this is seen in his work with the ELEC220 Electrical Properties of Materials course, a course that was historically considered a challenging course to teach. His efforts have ensured that the material developed for this course is engaging and involves real world examples. His student evaluations are consistently outstanding and involve highly positive comments.

Dr. Gordon has also brought funding and support for graduate training as a Program Director for the "Materials for Enhanced Energy Technologies" or MEET program. Through collaboration with co-applicants, Dr. Gordon has helped develop a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative course that involves using webinars across different departments from four universities (SFU, University of Waterloo and University of Toronto). The course has been highly praised for the excellence of the instruction and the high relevance of the skills and information for the graduate students' future careers.