Program planning

Read How to use the program planning worksheets (pdf) and then download your department's program planning sheet:


Contact your adviser through the Engineering Undergraduate Office in EOW 206 if you are having problems scheduling your courses.

ENGR undergraduate courses:
Course number Course name Offered
ENGR 001 Work Term 1 normally done in Summer, after 1B
ENGR 002 Work Term 2 normally done in Spring, after 2A
ENGR 003 Work Term 3 normally done in Fall, after 2B
ENGR 004 Work Term 4 normally done in Summer, after 3A
ENGR 100 Security, Privacy, and You
ENGR 110 Design and Communication I Fall
ENGR 112 Design I Fall
ENGR 120 Design and Communication II Spring
ENGR 121 Design II Spring
ENGR 130 Introduction to Professional Practice Fall, Spring
ENGR 141 Engineering Mechanics Spring
ENGR 240 Technical Writing Fall, Spring
ENGR 280 Engineering Economics Fall, Summer
ENGR 297 Technology and Society Summer
ENGR 330 Professional Career Planning and Engineering Leadership Spring
ENGR 400 Sustainable Energy Systems Design Projects Summer
ENGR 446 Technical Report Fall, Spring, Summer
ENGR 498 Engineering Law Spring

Bachelor of Engineering and Software Engineering forms: