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About computer science

Aspects of computer science are found almost everywhere.

Turn on the computer and an operating systems boots up.  Open a web browser and use a search engine to find the latest news.  Use an internet application to chat with friends.

This is all made possible by computer science.

Working in a wide range of fields, computer scientists study how computing devices can help people work together to integrate technologies and solve problems relevant to science and society.

Computer scientists use their problem-solving skills to work in music, finance, aviation, health care, media, and almost every other industry.

Computer science is often an interdisciplinary effort, and there are more people working in computer science today than ever before. As an ever-expanding field of study, computer science gives students exceptional career prospects.

Computer science can make your career goals a reality.

We offer the Bachelor of Software Engineering in partnership with the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.   

For program information on graduate studies in computer science, please visit our Graduate webpage

For admission information on graduate studies in computer science, please visit our Graduate webpage.

Learn the skills and abilities that are needed in today's workplace and fundamental concepts that will prepare you for life-long learning.  We integrate current research and education, keeping the curriculum continually up-to-date and giving you the foundation for future success.  Join the co-op program and you will gain valuable work experience to complement your studies and help you get your dream job.  Many of our graduates work for companies listed on our Co-op page.  A degree in computer science is extremely flexible.  Both the computer science and software engineering programs will allow you to work in virtually any industry you choose. Whatever your interest, these dynamic professions let you pursue your dreams.

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