The core courses in our MASc graduate program are:

  • Sustainability Seminar Series in Civil Engineering (CIVE 595)
  • MASc Thesis (CIVE 599)
  • MASc students are allowed to take two Directed Studies (CIVE 590) courses. Only one of these can be directly related to the thesis topic.

The core courses in our PhD graduate program are:

  • Research Methods (CIVE 601 - or its equivalent)
  • Sustainability Seminar Series in Civil Engineering (CIVE 695)
  • Candidacy Examination (CIVE 693)
  • PhD Dissertation (CIVE 699)
  • PhD students are allowed to take one Directed Studies (CIVE 590) course.

As we grow our graduate program we will be offering a number of graduate courses in our research themes of green buildings and structures, sustainable cities, industrial ecology and sustainable water resources.

We are currently offering the following graduate courses:

FALL 2020 Graduate Courses: 
(click on any course for a link to the course description and schedule.)

Course Section Instructor Course Title
CIVE 510 A01 Chris Kennedy Industrial Metabolism
CIVE 515 A01 Kristian Dubrawski Methods, Tools and Data for Industrial Ecology
CIVE 551 A01 Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya Advanced Building Science
CIVE 555 A01 Lina Zhou Dynamics of Structures and Earthquake Engineering
CIVE 580 A01 Cheng Lin Selected Topics: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
CIVE 580 A02 Ralph Evins Selected Topics: Simulation and Optimization of Design and Flows
CIVE 580 A03 Caetano Dorea Selected Topics: Waste and Wastewater Treatment

SPRING 2021 Graduate Courses:  

Course Section Instructor Course Title
CIVE 512 A01 Heather Buckley Industrial Symbiosis
CIVE 513 A01 Chris Kennedy Sustainable Cities
CIVE 517 A01 Dave Bristow Systems and Complexity Modeling
CIVE 545 A01 Tom Gleeson Groundwater Hydrology
CIVE 558 A01 Lina Zhou Timber Structures
CIVE 580 A01 Sardar Malekmohammadi Selected Topics: Finite Elements
CIVE 580 A02 David Bristow Selected Topics: Resilient Smart Cities
CIVE 580 A03 Rishi Gupta Selected Topics: Sustainable Infrastructure & Non-destructive Health Monitoring
CIVE 580 A04 Heather Buckley
Tara Troy
Selected Topics: Watershed Contaminant Transport
CIVE 580 A05 Madeleine McPherson Selected Topics: Integrated Assessment Modelling for Energy System Transitions

  Proposed Future Graduate Courses - description and term offered to be confirmed

  • Simulation and Optimization of Designs and Flows
  • Water & Wastewater treatment

Program requirements are described in detail in the handbook .


CIVE 601 equivalents

CIVE 601, a required course for PhD students can be replaced with a graduate level course from another department that advances the understanding and mastery of research methods in their research area. Approval of this course replacement is at the discretion of the Graduate Advisor on consultation of the supervisory committee. These courses could include:

  • BCMB 500 Critical Thinking in Biochemistry and Microbiology
  • CHEM 560 Research Tools and Special Topics
  • CSC 540 Numerical Analysis I
  • CSC 545 Operations Research I
  • ELEC 503 Engineering Design by Optimization I
  • ELEC 573Advanced Engineering Design by Optimization
  • ELEC 621 Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics
  • EOS 525 Research Frontiers in Earth and Ocean Science
  • EOS 562 Mathematical Tools for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
  • ES 500Perspectives on Environmental Theories, Methods and Skills I
  • GEOG 500A Geographical Research Approaches
  • GEOG 518 Advanced Spatial Analysis and Spatial Statistics
  • GEOG 524 Advanced Quantitative Methods
  • GEOG 538 Advanced Seminar in Geomatics
  • MBA 540 Applied Data Analysis and Decision Analysis
  • MECH 601 Engineering Analysis
  • PHSP 502 Public Health Biostatistics
  • PHSP 506 Public Health Research and Evaluation
  • STAT 556 Topics in Statistics
  • STAT 558 Design and Analysis of Experiments