Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson
Lab instructor and Leadership/Coaching in Engineering Facilitator
Inspiration Project

MASc - Civil Engineering (2018)

Eric recently co-designed and facilitated a workshop for the Canadian Engineering Education Association's 2018 conference about how teaching assistants can take on a role more like a coach (rather than a mentor or teacher) in Engineering Design courses in order to facilitate self-guided learning in students.

Eric started his own coaching practice called the Inspiration Project, which is all about encouraging others to define their vision, see things from new perspectives and to take action toward their goals.

My education and the opportunities I had at UVic have not only shaped the trajectory of my career, but who I am today. I learned the importance of teamwork, self-discipline, critical analysis, and the fundamentals of the scientific method. During my MASc I discovered the importance of creating connections with other professionals who share similar interests and how inspiration is the key to innovation.  I found that I have a passion for teaching and for empowering engineering students to focus on a vision greater than themselves.  I discovered my passion for human-centric design and became aware of the greater impact that engineers can have on the world when engineering knowledge is combined with the ability to empathize. When engineers are able combine their analytical skills with their humanity, a unique opportunity to innovate social-change is realized.