Frequently asked questions

Graduate student frequently asked questions

Question: How many graduate programs does the department offer?
Answer: We offer:
  • Master of Applied Science (MASc) – thesis option
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Question: What types of research are the professors conducting?
Answer: See a full list of faculty research.

Question:  Can I contact a professor directly?
Answer: Since graduate salaries partially depend on funding from research projects, it is best to first determine one or a few professors whose research is aligned with your interests by reading our overall research program, as well as individual research pages.  Then contact only these professors whose research is aligned with your interests, clearly describing your background and research and education goals. Do not email every professor in the department - they all receive daily spam emails from prospective students and will not respond unless it is clear that your interests, goals and background are aligned with their research.

Question: What are the application deadlines?
Answer: We accept applications year round for entry points in January, May and September. However, we make no guarantees that offers will be sent out in time for your desired entry point.
Based on typical processing times for academic documents and visas, you are encouraged to adhere to our recommended dates:

Entry Point Domestic deadline International deadline
JANUARY October 1st (previous year) October 1st (previous year)
MAY February 1st February 1st
SEPTEMBER June 1st June 1st


Question: Do I need to submit GRE scores?
Answer: No, the Civil Engineering Department does not require GRE testing. However, you can submit your score if you do have one. A high GRE score can improve your chance of acceptance.

Question: How do I apply for graduate studies with the Department of Civil Engineering?
Answer: Learn about applying to our graduate programs

Question: What happens after I apply?

  • The Graduate Admissions and Records Office (GARO) will initially evaluate the file. If it meets minimum entrance requirements, their office will later forward the application to the department for further evaluation by respective faculty members.
  • If a faculty member has available time, space and funding, they may consider offering admission.
  • Not all students that apply that meet the admission requirements will be accepted.
  • Faculty members review the application to determine if they can supervise the students’ research interest.


Question: I have submitted my application, but I have not heard if I have been accepted.
Answer: The Graduate Admissions and Records Office sends application packages to the department, then Faculty Members review the applications.
If a faculty member’s research, teaching load, and financial capability can ensure the applicant will succeed, they will provide an offer of admission.
If the department’s faculty members’ research, teaching load, and financial capability are unable to meet the applicant’s requirements, we will not provide a letter of recommendation. Check the status of your application through MyStatus.

Question: How many terms does the university have?
Answer: Three.

  • Winter Session – First Term (September to December)
  • Winter Session – Second Term (January to April)
  • Summer Session – May to August


Question: How much are tuition fees?
Answer: Learn about tuition fees.

Question:  Is there financial support available?
Answer:  Yes, there are multiple sources of financial support for graduate studies, including:

  1. UVic offers many programs that provide financial assistance
  2. The Civil Engineering offers minimum support for graduate students
  3. Research grant support from the supervising faculty member
  4. Teaching assistantships for graduate students


Question: Does the department offer teaching assistant positions?
Answer: Yes, please visit our teaching assistantships page.