Remote access

Accessing your files

If you want to access your home directory from anywhere outside the ENGR network, it is suggested you use an SFTP client such as Filezilla.  Information on how to download, install and use FileZilla can be found at the UVic Helpdesk website. These programs will allow you to copy to/from your home directory and add/remove files and folders.

You may connect to or any other linux engr system that can access your home directory.

Please note that MAC and Linux systems include command line ssh and sftp clients.

Shell access

  • Using PuTTY to connect via SSH
    Secure Shell (SSH) access is available to Faculty of Engineering Linux and UNIX undergrad workstations.
    Note: If your backspace key does not work correctly when you log into one of the servers, you can enter the command "stty erase [backspace key] [enter]".
  • Using SSH on Mac OS X
  • Host to connect to: