How to Print in ELW

  • Click on the print icon for your software or choose Print from the file menu and your document will be sent to the print stations with your NetLink ID as the name for the print job. NOTE - Engineering has implemented 'follow-me' printing, so print jobs can be released at ANY print release station, i.e. if you print to the printer in ELW B228, you can log into a print release station in ELW B203, B215, B220, B228, 307 or B326 and release/print the job. This can be useful if a printer is out of paper during non-business hours, as you can then go to another lab and release your print job.
  • All printers have the duplex option (double-sided) as the default setting. You may change the duplex setting to single-sided as required.
  • The charge for printing is 12 cents per side for black and white prints.

Prints are paid for through your PaperCut account, which is a NetLink-ID based printing system. At the print release station, logon to your PaperCut account with your NetLink ID and password and release the your print job.

Please Note! - Print jobs will be available for printing at the print station for 2 hours only. After two hours, they are automatically deleted from the print queue and cannot be retrieved.

How to Print Single-Sided:

  1. Select File, then Print.
  2. Once the Print Dialgoue box appears, click on the Properties box.
  3. On the Paper/Output Tab, under the 2-sided printing section, select 1-sided print.
  4. Click OK to apply the 1-sided setting.
  5. Click OK in print dialgoue box to send print job to printer.

PaperCut Printing Software

Funds can be added to your PaperCut account at any of the Libraries' Loan Desks and at any Student Computing Facility locations, or online using Visa or MasterCard.

When adding funds online please note the following:

  • MasterCard and Visa are the only credit cards accepted.
  • You may add any amount from $10 to $100.
  • Always be careful with your credit card number.

PaperCut Funds Transfers

The funds transfer feature in PaperCut has been activated for your use. This allows you to transfer PaperCut funds from your account to another person's PaperCut account. To access this feature, login to with your NetLink ID and password and click on Transfers:

When doing transfers, please double-check to ensure:

a) you are correctly transferring the intended amount.

b) you are transferring to the correct NetLink ID. If you do make a mistake*, please let staff in one of the Computing Facilities or the McPherson Library know immediately.

*Student Computing Facilities and UVic Libraries are not responsible for errors in user transfers. Mistakes cannot be corrected if the funds have been used before the mistake is reported.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds will be given for unspent balance on any PaperCut account.
  • Refunds for print jobs will only be granted for the following reasons and are at the discretion of system administrators:
    • Fading or streaked printer toner.
    • Paper jams where printer does not automatically reprint the job.
    • Printer has to be powered down to fix an error and print job does not print upon powering back up.
    • Formatting issues where staff have assisted.
  • Upon graduation there will be a one year grace period for using up any PaperCut account balance.
  • Twelve (12) months after graduation or eighteen (18) months of inactivity in lieu of graduation the PaperCut account will be deleted.

Note: You are encouraged to spend your balance or transfer your balance to another person (see staff for assistance) prior to graduating or leaving the university for more than 18 months.