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Your undergraduate account

Students in Enginering are automatically provisioned with an account upon entry into the Faculty of Engineering.  This account uses the NetLink id and password. This computer account is available to all students registered in BEng and BSEng programs or registered in a BEng, BSEng or CSC course. Computer Science students need to activate a CSC account.

All Faculty of Engineering undergraduate students are provided with 10GB of storage space. This includes web space and course work space.

Note to graduate students: You must see your department's system administators for additional information.

Questions and answers regarding your ENGR account

  1. Who needs an ENGR computer account?
    All students registered in Engineering professional (BEng and BSEng) programs need to have a Faculty of Engineering computer account.
  2. What do I use my ENGR computer account for?
    You will need the account to access restricted Engineering web areas and to access various computing labs throughout the Faculty.
  3. Is my ENGR computer account separate from my Computer Science computer account?
    Yes, your computer science computer account uses a separate home directory, password (changing your CSc password will not change your ENGR password) and email. You will need your CSc account to access CSc computer labs. For details regarding CSC computer accounts see here. Your ENGR account is permanent (until you graduate or leave the program) and is usable while you are on Co-op work terms.
  4. Is my ENGR computer account separate from my NetLink account?
    Engineering uses your NetLink id and password to access ENGR account, which has a uniques home directory.
  5. Why do I need all these accounts?
    Unfortunately, all these accounts are necessary. Units have different needs, resources and policies developed somewhat autonomously over the course of time.
  6. How long is my ENGR account active?
    Your ENGR account will be valid for at least 6 months after you graduate or less if you otherwise leave the program. Once you graduate, you can sign up for an alumni email account through UVic.
  7. Futher questions?
    Please contact or contact your departments system administators.

Change your password

Your Engineering account uses the same userid and password as your NetLink and is authorized by the same system. Changing your NetLink password is therefore in fact changing your Engineering password.