Accounts are available for faculty and staff. Graduate and undergraduate students may request an engr email account. Accounts use the University of Victoria Netlink ID and password.

ENGR Webmail

With ENGR Webmail you can access your ENGR email anywhere you can browse the web.

Configuring email client software

Server Information

Incoming mail servers

secure POP3

secure IMAP

port: 995

port: 993

Outgoing mail servers

SMTP port: 465

NOTE: by default, users will not be able to send email through if they are outside the ENGR network. To circumvent this behaviour, users must configure their email client to "authenticate" during the email sending process and use SSL.

Spam Filtering

The Faculty of Engineering uses SpamAssassin to check all incoming email originating from outside the ENGR network. SpamAssassin compares each email to a set of rules and then inserts tags into the email telling what rules were satisfied, the likelihood that an email is spam, and assigns a score based on what rules where satisfied.

If you wish, you can configure your email client to detect these headers and place them in an appropriate mailbox. The "X-Spam-Level" header indicates the likelihood of email being spam via a series of asterisks; the greater the number, the more likely an email is spam. Example: X-Spam-Level: *****

The UVic Computer Help Desk provides information on setting up various email clients to filter spam based on SpamAssassin headers. You will want to ensure that you use "X-Spam-Level" instead of "X-UVic-Spam-Level" when configuring your email client or via server-side filtering set up through engineerings webmail system.

Differences between POP and IMAP

The Computer Help Desk site explains differences between POP and IMAP.