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The Mercer Report visits UVic and exercises its brain

January 17, 2018 - Ring

On Jan. 16, the Rick Mercer Report launched its final season on CBC. The first episode features the comedian and satirist's visit to UVic campus last fall in which Mercer gets a brainwave assessment in Olav Krigolson's neuroeconomics lab, test-drives a 3D-printed prosthetic at the Victoria Hand Project lab and attempts to sing opera with music prof. Benjamin Butterfield.

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Alumni spotlight: Damon DePaoli

Damon is a UVic engineering graduate (class of 2014) with a degree in Electrical Engineering with a “Biomedical Option” With a great interest in BME, he enrolled in many of the first BME courses offered at UVic, before the accreditation of the BME program (in 2016). He is now a PhD candidate in Biophotonics, at the CERVO Brain Research Center in Quebec City. Damon’s PhD thesis is on creating neurosurgical guidance tools under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Côté at Université Laval.