Shiyi Huo

Computer Science, graduated with a BSc in July 2020

Close-up of Shiyi Huo outdoors on a sunny day, with fields in the background.
During her time at UVic, Shiyi Huo enjoyed campus and the surrounding region. This photo shows her on a strawberry-picking expedition at a farm near Elk lake.

Shiyi Huo is the 2020 winner of the Department of Computer Science Graduation Medal. She shares a few thoughts as she embarks on the next phase of her journey.

Favourite memory: I LOVE this gorgeous campus. I especially enjoyed studying in the law library. The beautiful scenery makes me feel peaceful. I feel very lucky to have studied at UVic and have lived in Victoria. It’s been such a pleasant experience and I will miss it.

Advice: My advice to new students is to go to lectures, practice your coding skills, build personal projects and do co-op.

Future: I will settle down in Vancouver, work as a software engineer, and seek more personal growth. I want to bring more value to the team I’m working with and the company, and bring happiness to my friends and family.

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