Jeremy Wintringer

Jeremy Wintringer
PhD Candidate in Leadership Studies
Department: Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Area of expertise

Higher education, LGBTQ+ ally training programs, international education, qualitative research methods, educational leadership

Areas of research/expertise

Leadership; Diversity & inclusion; Teaching & learning (higher education); LGBTQ+ ally training programs; International education, Qualitative research methods, Educational leadership

What would you like others to know about you?

Before coming to UVic, I worked for 20 years in academic advising and student affairs for U.S. colleges and universities, earned an M.Ed. in higher education administration, and taught for the public school system in South Korea.

My current research focuses on LGBTQ+ ally training programs in higher education. My dissertation supervisor is Dr. Tatiana Gounko, an expert in higher education who has been an unfailingly kind and enthusiastic mentor. This journey has also been deeply enriched by Dr. Catherine McGregor and Dr. Ralf St. Clair, who as members of my dissertation committee have offered tremendous insights and support.

The other essential parts of my life here are my brilliant spouse, Sophia, who works with the CEER team at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, and our beloved Denali, who despite being born into both a pandemic and a doctoral program has faced both with countless smiles, coos, and cuddles.

What have you done so far, or what do you hope to accomplish during your graduate degree at UVic?

My time at UVic so far has been amazing. I completed candidacy in Fall 2020 and am currently preparing a proposal for my dissertation. I have presented a couple of posters, volunteered at local conferences, attended QSEC sessions at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, reviewed articles submitted to QSEC for the 2021 Congress, and have co-authored a chapter with Dr. Gounko for a book to be published later this year. I have also been fortunate to work as a TA for EDUC 100, ENGR 130, and courses offered through Co-op and Career Services.

Can you share an experience or something you've learned that other students might benefit from knowing more about?

A memorable experience at UVic was completing a doctoral-level teaching certificate with the LATHE department. This wonderful two-year program placed me in a cohort with ten PhD students from different fields, including English, Math, Music, Psychology, Education, Engineering, Chemistry, and Computer Science. Under the guidance of dynamic faculty, we explored several aspects of teaching, learned many new techniques, gained insights from each other’s strengths and disciplines, and continuously refined our skills in course design, lesson planning, classroom instruction and facilitation, SoTL research, and how to create active, learning-centered environments for adult students. I hope to use these tools myself as an instructor in the near future.