Godwin U. Nnko

Godwin U. Nnko
PhD Candidate in Educational Studies
Department: Curriculum and Instruction
Area of expertise

Early literacy education; Indigenous education and languages; Teacher education

Areas of research/expertise

 Early literacy education; Indigenous education and languages; Teacher education

What would you like others to know about you?

Prior to joining UVic, Godwin worked with the Dar es Salaam University College of Education in Tanzania as an assistant lecturer of curriculum and teaching. Through his career as a teacher educator, he developed an interest in researching how teachers scaffold young children to develop literacy skills through place-based strategies and funds of knowledge. As a PhD candidate, he is currently focusing on the research topic for his PhD dissertation.  Godwin is interested in engaging, working, and learning with people across cultural backgrounds.

Can you share an experience or something you've learned that other students might benefit from knowing more about?

Apart from my graduate studies, I have been working as research assistant with my Supervisor, Dr. Jodi Streelasky. Through the project we are working on, I had an opportunity to visit a school on Mayne Island, BC Canada to see the ways a primary teacher in a rural island community supported her multi-age students’ understandings of community, place-based knowledge, and local Indigenous knowledge. The project has bolstered my research skills and offered insight into primary school teacher’s role in a Canadian setting. I, therefore, encourage fellow graduate students to participate in such projects.