Meg Kapil

Meg Kapil
PhD Candidate
Department: Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
Area of expertise

Mental health and self-regulated learning

Areas of research/expertise

Mental health; Psychology of learning; Teaching and learning; Mental health and self-regulated learning 

What would you like others to know about you?

I’m partway through my PhD research regarding the role of mental health in self-regulated learning and student success. My MA is in Counselling Psychology from UVic. I have worked as a counsellor for the past decade, taught undergraduate courses and worked as the practicum coordinator within EPLS, and developed an anxiety curriculum that has been offered at the Foundry and a local elementary school (funded by CORE). I’m passionate about mental health education and advocacy and considering the whole person in student success.

What have you done so far, or what do you hope to accomplish during your graduate degree at UVic?

I’m looking forward to some upcoming conference presentations after covid cancellations last year, to moving manuscripts from draft to ready for submission, and to getting some other projects from concept to data collection. I have benefitted a lot from collaborations with other students and faculty, if possible jump on opportunities for working on research teams and learning from others.