Heather Hollman

Heather Hollman
PhD Candidate in Kinesiology
Department: Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education
Area of expertise

Physical activity promotion; musculoskeletal injury prevention and management; postpartum health

Areas of research/expertise

Movement & rehabilitation science; Health & exercise science; Sports & leisure studies; Exercise science, Physical & health education

What would you like others to know about you?

I am passionate about conducting research that can be translated into the realm of evidence-informed musculoskeletal care. My background includes clinical practice as a chiropractor and research experience during my master’s where I focused on injury prevention knowledge and behaviours in runners. For my doctoral program, my research focus will be physical activity promotion in postpartum women. Postpartum women face many unique barriers and challenges related to physical activity and I look forward to learning more about how they can be best supported in achieving optimum health.

What have you done so far, or what do you hope to accomplish during your graduate degree at UVic?

I started my PhD program fall 2020 in the Behavioural Medicine Lab and have enjoyed working on various projects related to promotion of physical activity. I am currently involved in two systematic reviews and a feasibility study for the lab and these projects have been integral to my development of a deeper understanding of the physical activity promotion literature. 

Can you share an experience or something you've learned that other students might benefit from knowing more about?

Something I have learned through my experience with research is to keep an open mind to ideas, directions, and opportunities. Research in both physical activity promotion and musculoskeletal care have transformed in many unique ways over the years. I look forward to seeing how they continue to evolve and to finding out what we will know in decades to come that we don’t know now.