Devon Caldwell

Devon Caldwell
PhD Candidate in Educational Studies
Department: Curriculum and Instruction
Area of expertise

Technology integration; Teacher practice; Early childhood

Areas of research/expertise

Teaching and learning; Curriculum studies; Technology integration; Teacher practice; Early childhood

What would you like others to know about you?

Hi there! I’m a PhD candidate from Kenton, Manitoba, and I am currently collecting data for my dissertation study. Using a mixed-methods multiple-case study design, I’m investigating how and why Kindergarten-Grade 2 teachers integrate technology in their classroom practices during a pandemic. My supervisors are Dr. Jodi Streelasky and Dr. Michelle Wiebe who continue to motivate and support me from afar.

I’m a practicing early years teacher/inclusive learning support teacher in a rural Manitoba school. I’m passionate about technology infusion as well as teacher self-care and wellness. My certification as a yoga instructor has supported my own wellness and allowed me to bring yoga and wellness practices to rural Manitoba. Travel, family, friends, and my two dogs keep me busy and happy.

What have you done so far, or what do you hope to accomplish during your graduate degree at UVic?

I was so fortunate to live in Victoria for a year while I completed my course work and candidacy exams. Although I fell in love with the beauty of West Coast life, the best part was definitely the relationships I built with my professors and the people in my cohort. I was interviewed for the UVic Beyond the Jargon podcast during my time on campus which was a real honour and a lot of fun. I was also fortunate to assist Dr. Streelasky with the research she was conducting on Salt Spring Island—I learned a lot that prepared me to undertake my own research.

Can you share an experience or something you've learned that other students might benefit from knowing more about?

A course that supported my development as a researcher was Multi-disciplinary Research Internship. It was an amazing opportunity to engage in “real” research for BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development—a colleague and I collaborated to conduct a jurisdictional scan of child development screening practices for young children in care.