Carolyn Crippen

Carolyn Crippen
Associate Professor

BA (Carleton) MEd (Ottawa), PhD (North Dakota)

Office: MacLaurin A466
  • Servant-leadership-followership
  • Educational history
  • Organizational change
  • School governance & administration
  • Icelandic culture

Dr. Crippen's doctoral dissertation involved archival research into the lives of three pioneer women who evidenced servant-leadership. She has done collaborative research into superintendent leadership styles and their mentors (URGP Grant). She also studied teacher-candidate moral development in Manitoba and Iceland. Her study leave during 2008 provided time to continue archival work at Quaker Libraries in Oxford, Glasgow, and London toward a nexus of servant-leadership and Quakerism. Her 2015 sabbatical in Iceland involved an extensive investigation of formal leader beliefs and practices within that society.  She continues to publish and speak about her ongoing longitudinal study of Henrik & Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks. 

Articles Published in Refereed Journals

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Books, Chapters, Monographs:   

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Other Publications:   

INVITED REVIEWS (non refereed)

Crippen, C. (2012). The importance of followership in schools:  First, teacher awareness. Education Canada. Canadian Education Association, v. 52(2) 38-42.

Crippen, C. (2011). The importance of followership in schools:  First, teacher awareness.
    Education Canada. Confirmed acceptance for publication in 2012.

University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections.

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