Natalee Popadiuk

Natalee Popadiuk
Associate Professor

BA, BEd, MA (Brit Col), PhD (Calgary), RPsych

Office: MacLaurin A464
  • International student transition and adjustment

  • Relational connections and disconnections in cultural transitions

  • Strengths and successes of international students and alumni

  • Career transitions
  • Canadian trauma therapists and international work

  • Internationalizing university curriculum

  • Diversity and the intersection of gender, ethnicity, and social class

  • Health research (e.g., bereavement; breast cancer)

  • Interpersonal/relational theories and therapy

  • Qualitative research (e.g., Narrative; Critical Incident)

  • Counsellor education/training & clinical supervision

Dr. Popadiuk’s primary program of research explores international student issues, specifically how relational connections and disconnections impact health, well-being, and success. Recently, she was awarded a 3-year Social Science and Humanities Research Council grant to study the importance of mentoring relationships developed in formal university mentoring programs that international students attend. Additionally, Dr. Popadiuk is a Co-Investigator on a national 5-year SSHRC-funded project to examine the career trajectory of international student planning and decision-making processes to live and work in Canada post-graduation.

  • Assessment in Counselling

  • Program Development & Evaluation

  • Ethics and Legal Issues in Counselling

  • Diversity, Culture, and Counselling

  • Skills and Practice for Counselling

  • Internship in Counselling

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