Project-based MEd in educational administration

Broaden your understanding of contemporary theories and practices of leadership, education, learning and issues that affect schools and their communities.

This program is intended for students who are currently working as teachers or administrators in the K-12 educational system. Learn about admission requirements.

We also offer a thesis-based MA degree. Candidates must choose their specific degree, MEd or MA, before entering the program.


The program consists of 18.0 units of course work, which includes a 3.0-unit research project, followed by a written comprehensive examination of 1.5 units.

Term Courses
Sept-Dec ED-D 531: Concepts and Theories of Organizations
ED-D 591E Selected Topics: An Introductory Seminar

ED-D 535: Global Comparative Perspectives on Leadership & Education

ED-D 537A: Educational Change

May-August ED-D 533A: Politics in Organizations
ED-D 533C: Servant Leadership
ED-D 534: Leadership for School Improvement
ED-D 561B: Research Methods in Leadership
Sept-Dec ED-D 537G: Leadership in Educational Administration
ED-D 598: Project
Jan-April ED-D 591E: Selected Topics - To be determined
ED-D 598: Project
ED-D 597: Comprehensive Examination - This is the final requirement of the program

Program requirements are subject to change. Visit the Academic Calendar for up-to-date information and course descriptions.