Thesis-based MA in adult education and community engagement

The Master of Arts (MA, thesis based) in the adult education and community engagement focus area of leadership studies is an 18-unit program intended for students with diverse backgrounds. Our faculty members bring local, national and international perspectives to the work.

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We also offer a project-based MEd degree. Candidates must choose their specific degree, MEd or MA, beforing the program.


The MA degree option consists of 18.0 units of course work, which includes a 6.0-unit thesis and oral exam. Courses will be offered online, face to face and summer intensive.

Term Courses
Sept-Dec ED-D 533D: Leadership
ED-D 538A: Community Leadership and Adult Learning
Jan-April ED-D 591E Selected Topics: Narratives of Leadership and Inquiry 
ED-D 591E: Selected Topics: Community Engaged Learning & Practice
May-Aug ED-D 540: Women, Learning and Leadership
ED-D 533A: Politics in Organizations
ED-D 561B: Research Methods in Leadership
Sept-Dec Another course (1.5 credits) in qualitative or quantitative research design, such as ED-D 563 Qualitative Research, taken in any UVic faculty. These must be completed before beginning the thesis. Talk to your graduate adviser for more information.

ED-D 599: Thesis
Jan-April ED-D 539A: Leadership, Learning and Social Justice
ED-D 599: Thesis (6.0 units)

Program requirements are subject to change. Check the Academic Calendar for up-to-date information and course descriptions.

Securing a supervisor

You must secure a supervisor for your committee before authorization into the MA program will be granted. We recommend you enter the MEd program and transfer to the Master of Arts when your research is assessed by your supervisor, to advance theory in leadership studies.

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