Lauren King wins 2017 BC Recreation and Parks Association Student Scholarship award

Award winning Lauren King Moore and Rebecca TurnacliffeBC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA)'s Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Tunnacliff poses with Lauren King, winner of the 2017 BC Recreation and Parks Association Student Scholarship award.

Congratulations to Lauren King graduating student from the Bachelor of Arts, Recreation and Health Education program on winning the 2017 BC Recreation and Parks Association Student Scholarship award. The award recognizes and supports BC students who have excelled in recreation and parks post-secondary programs, who have demonstrated strengths in academics, practicums, class participation, and teamwork.

"Lauren was a fine nominee and we are proud that she was one of the three winners who were chosen from students throughout BC post-secondary institutions." Doug Nichols, BA (Recreation and Health Education) program co-ordinator said.

A short extract of Lauren's essay offers a glimpse into her contributions to the field and what hopes await her after graduation: "I have seen, created, and celebrated hope in communities that had none. I have found balance within my own life, and have encouraged others on their journeys to find it themselves; on a road that led to helping so many others find their passions, I have found mine. I am committed to helping people with disabilities, mental health conditions, chronic health conditions, and addictions find their passions and find balance. As I look toward graduation, I have many opportunities for my future. I plan to attend graduate school with a focus in disability studies and community rehabilitation. I will continue to be an advocate and provide support for individuals with various disabling conditions in the field of recreation. The Recreation and Health Education Program at the University of Victoria changed my life. It gave me opportunities to change the lives of others, and provided me with the tools so that I may continue to do so after I graduate."

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