New Deans’ Undergraduate Student Service Award


A new award will be granted annually to an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Education who is actively involved in and demonstrates outstanding contributions to the University of Victoria community. This $500 monetary award recognizes an outstanding student for their significant volunteer service and contributions to the University of Victoria community while completing their program within the Faculty of Education. Any undergraduate student registered in a Faculty of Education program including Kinesiology, Recreation & Health Education, BEd and PDPP Teacher Education Programs, or Indigenous Education is eligible. Examples of volunteer service and contributions include, but are not limited to, active volunteer (unpaid) service in student and University of Victoria events, workshops, organizations, and clubs.

Application process

Apply by , or in person (MAC A247) by April 9, 2018.  

In your application, please include the following information (addressed to Dr. James Nahachewsky):

  • Name
  • Student Number
  • Program and year in the program
  • List of volunteer service (with dates) to the University Community during your program in Education
  • Brief description (100 – 150 words) regarding the personal development and community impact of your volunteer service.
  • Letter of endorsement (100-150 words) from a member of the student organization, club, workshop or a Faculty member who supports your application by describing your volunteer service and its impact on the community.

This monetary award along with a plaque will be presented to the recipient during the Faculty’s Awards Dinner on May 7, 2018.