Dr. James Nahachewsky

Dr. James Nahachewsky
Associate Professor, Language & Literacy, Curriculum Studies
Curriculum and Instruction

PhD (Language & Literacy Secondary Education) University of Alberta, MEd (Language & Literacy Curriculum Studies) University of Saskatchewan, BEd (Secondary Education) University of Saskatchewan, BA (English Literature) University of Saskatchewan

  • Literacy teaching and learning

  • 21st century literacies

  • Curriculum theory and design

  • Young adult literature and media

  • Libraries/learning commons

  • Critical literacy

  • iPads and eReaders

  • Qualitative research

My research focuses on the impact of changing textual ecologies, particularly shifts in the book, on teaching and learning in our digital age.

I teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Language and Literacy and Curriculum Studies including young adult literature, expanding notions of text, multiliteracies across the curriculum, and critical curricular discourses.

I serves as undergraduate English education advisor, graduate Curriculum studies advisor, and co-ordinator of the North Island MEd cohort.  I am also on the editorial board of English Quarterly and I am a reviewer for Language and Literacy.


Currently I'm researching, with funding from CER-Net, the impact of digital texts on students' constructivist learning in an interdisciplinary program.   This study inquires into teachers' and students' use of Web 2.0 participatory texts and social media to better understand personalized learning stances and local/global collaboration in learning and problem solving.

My Graduate students and their research areas:

PhD: Ana Santos - models of change in pre-service reading teacher education to address digital times.

PhD: Robin Wilmot - the impact of participation in Network learning communities on reading teachers' identity and practice

MA: William McColm - how students navigate digital texts to construct meaning

MA: Travis Richey - the relationship of textual lineage to a teacher librarian's concept of curriculum and practice

MA: Wade Strass - the impact of digital devices and text on Biology teachers' pedagogy

MA: Jesse Whittington - students' reading experiences and engagement in a French Immersion classroom

MEd: Paul Dailyde - developing a literature supported writing program in an elementary classroom

MEd: Devon Stokes-Bennet - developing a BAA course in critical literacies for ' Millenials' through digital social media

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