Student associations, clubs & organizations

University life is more than books and studying. We encourage you to get out there and experience the many ways for you to have fun with your fellow students, lead in the community or join student organizations.

Education Students’ Association

Education Students’ Association is an executive committee run by students for students.

Each year an executive body and representatives from each area of the Education program are elected to represent the Education student body, organize workshops for professional development, organize social activities, promote the professional sharing of resources and ideas, provide student representation in faculty committees and act as a liaison and communicator between faculty and the student body.

Association of Graduate Education Studies

Association of Graduate Education Studies is a registered association with principles and beliefs to promote and support students' participation and involvement in academic activities. As a graduate student in the Faculty of Education, you are automatically a member of AGES. Get to know your fellow graduate students and participate in AGES events.

University of Victoria Students’ Society

As a University of Victoria Students’ Society member at UVic, you are a member the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS).

The UVSS advocates on behalf of students on important issues such as increasing accessibility to education, racism, affordable public transportation and environmental sustainability. They also provide services like the Universal Bus Pass (UPass), administer clubs and course unions, organize on-campus events and operate many of the services and businesses in the Student Union Building (SUB).

Native Students Union

The Native Students Union works towards empowering students to benefit from the technical and academic learning at UVic while providing an outlet to maintain strong cultural and spiritual ties with other Aboriginal, Metis, Status and Non-status and Inuit students and our communities.

Graduate Students' Society

The Graduate Students' Society represents the interests of graduate students at UVic. They serve as an advocacy and lobby group for its members within the University of Victoria, as well as speaking on behalf of its membership to issues of concern at the university and the larger community. As a member of the Canadian Federation of Students, they also have a voice on the largest national student body that lobbies for student issues.

Sports and recreation clubs

Sports and recreation clubs at UVic has a myriad of sports and recreation clubs for you to choose from. Chances are if you have an interest, there is a club on campus for you!