Core Grant Recipients

2018-2019 CORE Grant Recipients:

We are pleased to announce the following recipients:

  • Youth Exploration of Concerns and Questions Regarding Sexual Health and Sexual Boundary Settings
    Dr. J. Roberts and B. Humbert
    This project seeks to facilitate an open, safe and engaging conversation between youth and adults to understand their lived experiences within a sexualized world.
  • Developing Queer Workshops in a Local High School: A Collaborative Pilot Project Involving LGBTQIA2S+ Youth Educators.
    Dr. K. Sanford & L. Cavanaugh
    This project supports a pilot community project developing a series of queer-related workshops for students at a local high school.
  • Creating Calm: Family Anxiety Support Group
    Dr. G. Harrison, Dr. A. Hadwin & M. Kapil
    In this series of workshops children will learn about stress, anxiety, basic brain and body reactions to stress and anxiety, and healthy ways regulating their reactions (including cognitive, emotional, and physiological regulation). Through providing information, facilitating understanding, and providing practical information regarding coping strategies to not just the children but also to the parents and school staff, these workshops will endeavor to support healthy children and healthy communities.

2017-2018 CORE Grant Recipients:

We are pleased to announce the following recipients:

  • Cultural Physical Activity Initiative: A games-based approach
    Dr. S. Gibbons & J. Gruno
    This project was designed to support and complement the existing physical and health education curriculum for the grade 4/5 and 6 students and provide the elementary education students with additional teaching opportunities before their final practicum.
  • The Transgender Tipping Point
    Dr. K. Sanford & L. Herriot
    The purpose of this project is to create a diverse cohort of 25 transgender youth writers (ages 12-17) through hosting 3 weekend-long writing retreats.
  • Word Up! A Literacy Enhancement Program for Struggling Readers
    Dr. G. Harrison, Dr. S. Macoun & D. Cybulski
    This project will support children struggling with reading whose families are accessing community-based services through the LDABC: The Learning Curve).