Frequently asked questions

Future parents

Who can apply to CORE Club?

Any student between K-grade 8 who is experiencing academic challenges at school can apply to CORE Club. Students must demonstrate both academic and financial need. Preference is given to new students.

How do I apply?

Is there a cost?

No. There are no fees for any of CORE's services.

Who are the tutors?

CORE Club tutors are pre-service teachers from UVic's Faculty of Education Teacher Education Program.

How many students are in a group?

Students work with tutors in groups of 1-2.

Is CORE Club fun?

Yes! We believe that the best learning takes place when students are engaged and having fun. Stuents have opportunities to interact and collaborate with their peers and games are a big part of most tutoring sessions.

Where is CORE Club?

CORE Club takes place on the 3rd floor (MAC A 347) of the Maclaurin building at UVic.

Current parents

Where do I park?

The best place to park is Lot E by the MacLaurin Building (see map).

Do I need to pay for parking?

No. Parents receive parking passes that allows them 15 minutes of free parking when dropping off or picking up CORE Club students between 3 and 7pm on weeknights. Please note that passes are valid for 15 minutes only. If you wish to remain on campus the entire time that your son/ daughter is attending CORE Club, you will need to purchase a ticket.

How do I find out about my son/ daughter's progress?

Tutors complete progress reports twice each year that outline major accomplishments and the short term goals that students are working towards. These progress reports will be emailed to you at the end of each term.

What is there for me to do at UVic while I wait for my son/ daughter?

If you choose to remain on campus during CORE Club sessions, there is plenty to do!