A Note on Diversity

A Note on Diversity by Dr. Sudhakar Ganti, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science:

With the advent of the Internet, the world has become a global community. Many industries have taken advantage of this “new world” by outsourcing services and manufacturing. Universities are not trailing behind at all and many educational institutes have started offering degrees and programs specifically tailored to International students in order to attract the best and the brightest. University of Victoria (UVic) is definitely one such university which always strived to introduce programs and expanded on research disciplines and departments. In the process UVic attracted the best faculty, researches and students from all over the world creating a unique and diverse work force. UVic always made sure diversity and equity are upheld in internal and external hiring where a responsible person is always present in the committees. Multi-Culturalism is an important aspect of Canadian society. Students are given wonderful opportunities such as interest groups and clubs where by they can participate and show case their diversity and multi-culturalism. Some of these clubs regularly show case their cultural diversity through music and arts. These clubs are funded through University of Victoria’s Student Society (UVSS) including a campus radio station CFUV 101.9 FM with an amazing diverse and multi-cultural programming. Besides these UVic also supports Asian Heritage Month that celebrates the rich and diverse Asian Heritage in Canada. For those who believe, Religion also becomes an integral part of the culture. University of Victoria is a proud supporter of different faiths and beliefs by providing an unique and common platform, the “Inter-faith chapel” where students, faculty and community can come together to practice their faith. Overall UVic is an amazing place to work and study that provides diverse, multi-cultural and equitable space for everyone on campus.

For more information on UVic's equity and diversity policies please click here.