BME 499 projects home page

Purpose of the Capstone BME Design Projects:

 (i) Applying and implementing the design lessons/techniques/skills acquired in earlier coursework during the undergraduate program.

(ii) Hands-on, practical learning by working within a student team, under the supervision of a faculty member. Addition supervision/input from industrial partners may also apply. 

(iii) A significant technical design project intended to solve a real-world medical/industrial problems, in order to satisfy real needs.

(iv) Developing professional-level communication skills by preparing engineering reports, and delivering a formal oral presentation to demonstrate the design.

Students are encouraged to select a project originating from the medical industry, other health-based external organizations, or from a Faculty member engaged in biomedical research.

Project and team selection must be finalized BEFORE the end the first week of classes of each term. Normal team size is 3 - 5 students. 

BME 499: Term 4A: May - August 2015

Projects Available

  1. Project Proposals by Medical or Health industry organizations
  2. Project Proposals from, and supervised by, BME faculty