Program planning

University studies provide the freedom and flexibility to design a class schedule that suits your needs and aligns with your interests.

They also require responsibility and accountability, as you are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your course registration and for ensuring that you stay on track to graduate.

Courses to take if you know your program

If you're set on a particular field of study, review the corresponding program outline to determine the most appropriate courses for your first year at UVic. Once you've reviewed the outline for your program, it's also worth looking at the appropriate Calendar entry to get a better idea of how the recommended courses fit with your overall program requirements.

If you aren't sure what program to study

Many students are undecided about their program of study when they begin their undergraduate studies, while others end up graduating from a different program than the one in which they started.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I interested in? What are my values?
  • What are some future goals that I want to achieve? How or what kind of classes will support these goals?
  • What classes did I like in high-school? What are the classes that I didn’t like as much?
  • What kind of classes could I take that may open my mind to new ideas?

If you are still having a hard time deciding on the program to pursue, you might want to take a selection of courses from different areas of study so that you can explore your options. If you’d like to speak with someone about making the right program choice for you, get in touch with an academic adviser or check out the career exploration tools and workshops available through Counselling Services.

Prepare for your school year

Review the information in this section on UVic's academic requirements, how to select courses and the course-registration process.