Math pretests

If you have not previously completed grade 11/12 math through a Canadian curriculum high school, you will need to write a pretest to demonstrate that you meet prerequisites for enrolling in the following math courses:

  • Math 100 - Calculus 1
  • Math 102 - Calculus for Students in Social and Biological Sciences
  • Math 109 - Introduction to Calculus
  • Math 120 - Pre-calculus
  • Math 151 - Finite Mathematics
  • Math 161 - Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers

For more information or to register for an upcoming math pretest, visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics website.


  • Except for Math 100, pretests are not available to students whose mathematics prerequisites have been assessed as being less than the required standard
  • Students may write pretests for more than one course
  • A pretest may only be written one time, and students who fail must instead take upgrading classes to meet perquisites
  • For students transferring from other post-secondary institutions, transfer credits may qualify as course prerequisites