Common questions

Undergraduate graduation requirements 

My CAPP report shows: All requirements complete subject to final check by Records Services. When will the final check be completed and will I be notified?

This review usually occurs a few weeks after all your final grades have been submitted.

The Graduation Status at the top of your CAPP report will show "Applied to Graduate" until it has been reviewed by Undergraduate Records, at which point it will change to Records Approval.  This indicates you are eligible to graduate pending final approval by the UVic Senate.

You will be sent a confirmation email once the UVic Senate has granted your credential, by the third week of May (Spring graduation) or October (Fall graduation). On the same day, your transcript will be updated to show that your credential has been granted.

How many courses are required for a UVic degree?

Typically, 60 units of university level coursework are required for a bachelor’s degree. Refer to the Minimum Degree Requirements for Graduation in the Academic Calendar for details. School of Nursing students should refer to the BSN Graduation Requirements. 

I finished my program in December and have applied to graduate. Can I get my degree parchment now?

No, students completing their program requirements in December must wait until Spring graduation to have their credentials awarded and to receive their degree parchment. 

How is my graduating GPA calculated?

The graduating grade point average (GPA) of a student in a bachelor’s degree program (other than BEng, BSEng, and Law) is calculated using the weighted average of the grade values assigned to 300 and 400 level (and in Education 700 level) courses (other than COM-graded courses) taken or challenged at UVic. Courses at the 500 level may be included in the graduating average if they are accepted as credit towards the undergraduate degree. 

Refer to the graduating GPA sample calculation and contact Undergraduate Records with questions. BEng and BSEng students should also review the Academic Calendar for Engineering program-specific graduating GPA information

To graduate from a bachelor’s degree program, students are required to have a minimum graduating GPA of 2.0. Honours degree programs have higher graduating GPA requirements. 

Can I see my graduating GPA on my transcript?

No, your graduating GPA is calculated by Undergraduate Records and does not appear on your transcript or CAPP report. 

How do I know if I am graduating with distinction?

If your graduating GPA is in the top 20% of your academic unit, the With Distinction notation will be automatically added to your transcript on the date the UVic Senate confers your degree (graduation date) and will be printed on your degree parchment.  

Can I upgrade my graduating GPA after I graduate?

No. Any UVic coursework completed after April 30 (Spring graduation) or August 31 (Fall graduation) may not be used to retroactively update either your graduating GPA or your graduated program’s cumulative GPA.

Can I add a major/minor/concentration/specialization to my program after I graduate?

No. Once your credential has been awarded by the University Senate, changes to your program details are not permitted. 

Graduation documentation 

How do I get proof that I have graduated?

Once your degree has been conferred, a degree parchment (diploma) will be produced. Other official UVic graduation documentation that references your graduation status include: degree completion letters, official transcripts, certificates of degree completion and certified copies of degree.  

What is a certificate of degree completion?

A certificate of degree completion may only by produced after your degree has been conferred by the UVic Senate. In addition to the information displayed on your degree parchment (diploma), it will also show your program details like majors, minors and concentrations. It is useful if asked to provide proof of degree to an employer or are applying for overseas employment. 

Degree parchment (diploma) 

Why doesn’t my degree parchment list my major, minor, concentration or specialization?

The university’s regulations only permit your name, faculty and credential to be printed on your degree parchment (diploma).

How do I change the name on my degree parchment?

If your credential has not yet been awarded, contact either (Undergraduate & Law students) or (Graduate students) to request a change to the name selected on your graduation application.

If your credential has already been awarded, you will have to order a replacement degree parchment. Contact Graduation Services () for more information.

I won’t be attending my convocation ceremony. How will I receive my degree parchment?

When you complete your convocation registration, select the degree mail-out or pick-up option. Degree mailings and pick-ups will begin one week after the convocation ceremonies. Review the receiving your degree parchment (diploma) section for details.

Where can I pick up my degree?

If you do not wish to attend your convocation ceremony, degree parchments will be available for pick-up starting one week after convocation at the Office of the Registrar in the University Centre. To designate another person (proxy), to pick-up your degree, send an email to and provide your name, student number and the full name of the individual who you permit to pick-up your degree.

How do I order a replacement degree?

Refer to the graduation documentation for replacement degree ordering information. Replacement degree requests require a minimum 6 – 8 weeks for processing.


What day and time is my convocation ceremony?

UVic Ceremonies and Events will post a detailed convocation schedule at the end of February for Spring convocation and the end of August for Fall convocation.

How do I watch convocation online or download the webcast?

UVic Ceremonies and Events hosts live webcasts of each convocation ceremony. Past honorary degree recipient speeches are also available in the convocation archive.

Students who do not attend the convocation ceremony will not have their names read out on-stage by the Dean; however, their names will be listed in the convocation program that is distributed at the ceremony.

What are the university’s regalia colours?

The Academic Calendar describes the university academia regalia

UVic Alumni Association 

How do I become a member of the UVic Alumni Association?

Once you graduate from UVic with a degree, certificate or diploma, you are automatically a lifetime member of the UVic Alumni Association. There is no annual fee. 

How do I get a UVic Alumni card?

UVic Alumni Cards are issued through the UVic ONECard office in the lobby of the University Centre.